Surprise Birthday Party

By Content Team on April 20, 2015

The greatest gift that you can give to others is the gift of an unconditional love and acceptance”

-Brain Tracy

It is said that friends are those people in your life who couldn’t be a part of your blood relations. They are an extended family. Celebrating birthdays of special people can be fun as well as accompanied with a rush of emotions, more so when you have a deep connection with somebody. But you know what is really, really exciting about birthdays? Yes, surprises. As a birthday boy/girl, one definitely expects some kind of a surprise from their loved ones, and we often fall short of ideas to make them pleasantly surprised. Here I jot down some points which you need to keep in mind when planning a surprise birthday party:

Be thoughtful: Remember it is a surprise party, and you will not be able to take inputs from the birthday boy/girl. You will have to do everything yourself according to his/her likes and dislikes. Make sure that you plan everything according to his/her preferences, ranging from food, to theme style, to music, to gifts. The consequent smile will be worth your effort!

Venue: The place of the party may or may not be a hotel. It can be your own sweet drawing room where the 12 am bash will take place. And all of you will agree, nothing is better than the comfort of your own sofa and pajamas, right? Whereas if you are planning to throw a lavish get together, then book a banquet hall or a restaurant.

Food: Needless to say, a big, tasty, birthday cake is a must. You can even order fondant cakes now (also known as designer cakes), which is a special type on which creative, appealing designing is done at your own discretion. A fondant cake can be the best part of the party. JBE will help you with that! Apart from this, you can keep a modest lunch or different varieties of snacks instead. Decide on his/her favorite dishes. Make sure it is a birthday party, and don’t end up doing something very heavy.

Gifts: Everything has to be according to the favoritism of the special person. A special birthday gift is a must. Don’t think that if you are planning a party, it is done. A birthday gift has to be something which the person can cherish throughout. It basically has to be something related to something very close to his/her heart. So, get to the depth and for any difficulties while choosing the gift, JBE team comes to the rescue!

Invitees: Since you are the host, it is your added responsibility not to lose out on any person who is important to the birthday boy/girl. Every special person, friend, relative should be invited. In case of a nuclear, house get together, you can just concise with parents, children, cousins, and best friends.

Music and décor: this is an essential part of any party, be it a small home get together, or a lavish one. Just create a wonderful playlist of feet tapping numbers and dance your heart out! You can even book a DJ. Also, ensure that the decors are according to the interests of the birthday boy/girl. The color, theme, etc. have to be kept in mind.

Go, have a blast!

-Blog content by Esha

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