Planning Parent’s 25th Wedding Anniversary

By Content Team on May 28, 2015
Come live with me, and be my love,
And we will some new pleasures prove
Of golden sands, and crystal brooks,
With silken lines, and silver hooks
~John Donne~
One of the most important phases of a person’s life is undoubtedly his/her wedding. There are days called anniversaries when one wishes to revive the ecstatic emotions and reinvent the magic of the special day. Needless to
say, people normally get wed just once in their lives, which is why the occasion remains extremely close to their heart. Of course it cannot be duplicated but a grand celebration of the anniversaries by their children can fill the couple’s heart with an indefinable happiness. On important occasions as the Silver Jubilee of your parents, many things have to be kept in mind and taken care of. Here I present to you the five most important ones:
Catering Arrangements:
A very important aspect of any event or occasion is the food. Food is said to have a special power of connecting people and most of the special conversations and strongest relationships happen over a good meal. Assurance of a
sumptuous feast on your parents’ 25th has to be a priority.
Venue, List of Invitees and Hospitality:
Your parents wedding must have taken place in a place as modest as a church, or a hotel. Considering that era, the wedding might not have boasted of exquisite locations, so it should be your responsibility to make their 25th
anniversary a grand event. Also, the list of invitees should be prepared well before in advance so that no one special is left out and no one less important is roped in.
Flowers, ambiance, lighting, confetti; they are the visual treat to the invitees and to the special couple. If managed properly, they can be the cynosure of the event, adding even more delight to the day. So make sure you have a beautiful theme to complement the party!
People change, photographs don’t. The only way to capture moments and keep them alive even after years have passed, is to have nice photographs clicked. So the kids should make sure that their parents have a beautiful album
created for themselves on their silver day, which they can cherish for a lifetime!
Music and Dance:
The party is dry without a set games and entertainment ideas. This romantic and auspicious occasion would remain incomplete without a couple-dance and of course some engaging games; lest the invitees should get bored!
So have these tips on your mind and gear up to make this wonderful day even more special for your parents!
-Blog content by Esha

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