Planning a Baby Shower

By Content Team on May 30, 2015
One the most joyous, thrilling, and anticipated moment in any family is childbirth. The news of an
expectant lady in the house fills the atmosphere with a new happiness, and creates an ambience of new
hopes. To make the expectant mother feel special, and also as a part of the ritual, special functions
called “baby showers” are organized two to three months prior to the due date of delivery. Now, baby
shower is something that requires extensive thought process, because various things are to be kept in
mind, while organizing this event. Any scope of mistake cannot be afforded as it is a very special
function both for the expectant couple and the family. JBE presents to you a helping guide as to what
should be the prioritized areas.
Ambience and Decors: Since it is a Baby Shower, the hosts should keep in mind that the ambience
should not be too heavy or dark. The decoration and ambience should suit the function. The hosts can
have shades of pink, light blue or cherry red as the main theme, or can also keep a specified theme
related to fairytales or cartoons to fit in the essence of a baby’s birth.
Photo albums and videos: Make sure that the photography you choose is related to children and do not
over dramatize the theme. The function is light hearted and the videos and albums should also match
the same. Hire professionals for best results. You ought to save each and every memory of your predelivery moments, after all everything is so special.
Venue: The function is on a small scale, and generally, just close relatives and family members are to be
present. Hence, there is no issue of accommodation as the function does not stretch up to a week or so
and lasts just for one day. The function could be organized in your own house, or for better organization
you could just book a hotel for a day. Don’t worry; professionals would do that for you!
Guest lists and invitations: make sure that you don’t end up inviting distant kith and kin for no rhyme or
reason. Baby shower is a function where just the close relatives and family members are to be present to shower their blessings. Invitations could be sent a week before for convenient arrangements. It is always advisable to the invitees to send a reply note. This helps hosts finalize their plans in a better manner.
Date and Time: the function should be organized at least two months before the due date. Organizing
too early would prove to be half as fun, and organizing too late, could be too hectic for the expectant
mother. Hence, seventh month could be just right. Also, the time of the function is a very personalized
issue, and has to be decided by the respective families as per convenience.
Gifting and Thank you notes: Gifting basically pertains to the invitees. Make sure you don’t end up
gifting random and weird gifts to the expectant couple. Gift suitable items like baby clothing, baby toiletries, blankets, toys, etc., that are useful in future. Keep the occasion in mind while selecting the gift. Thank you notes is again, a personalized concept, wherein the host couple is supposed to gift a memento to all its invitees. The memento could be anything related to the unborn baby, or the occasion ranging from a simple thank you card, to a chocolate box, or a gift item. Our very own creative designers can help you with this!

Food: Now we discuss the much awaited element. Every occasion seems to be incomplete without this.Since the occasion is a close event and for a short duration, elaborate cuisines are not required. A reasonable variety of two to three types of snacks could be arranged for, followed by a modest lunch. Also, a cake for the event is a must! Make sure you have a delicious, beautiful cake for the expectant couple to lift up their spirits and celebrate the pending birth of the baby.

Informing all the readers, this is a tentative to do list, and all the points are not to be followed compulsorily. You will have to keep your budget and priorities in mind first and then decide on! After all, you want your baby celebration to be fun and not stressful, right?
-Blog content by Esha

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