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By Content Team on July 15, 2015

Do you know what the most special day in anyone’s life is? Is it your 18th birthday? Or the much awaited convocation day? I’m sure all of you will agree that it is undoubtedly your wedding day. Who doesn’t have plans for his/her wedding? Who doesn’t plan on the special function and dresses involved? Who does not dream of the beautiful and happy moments following after? You wedding day holds and extremely special and auspicious meaning in your life. It is a new phase in which you take a vow to spend your entire life with someone. Of course you ought to make it the most memorable day of your life, isn’t it? The memories should be afresh even after the golden jubilees and you should be able to feel as a newly wedded bride or groom whenever you look at the albums. We, at JustBookEvent, make your dreams come true and here are some bullet points that you ought to take care of while planning your wedding lest you miss on even a fraction of glory!

Photography: The bride and the groom are the cynosure of their wedding day and needless to say, they should have the best of picture memories, and videos that capture every essence of the function. Make sure you have a pre wedding video, in which the bride and the groom have a movie song made on them. It adds to romance factor doesn’t it? And besides, you always thought of having those fairytale moments. So here’s your chance. Make the most of it. Best photography; remember.

Catering: Food forms the core of any good function and all the people including the guests and the hosts themselves look forward to great food after a long tiring day of work. And besides, who doesn’t want a lavish buffet of tasty dishes? Spending a considerable time on deciding the menu is a must. But just keep in mind that food also forms the base of wastage in weddings. Hence, act wise, and don’t let multiple cuisines steal all your attention!

Guest list and accommodation: Wedding day is one occasion where you gladly look forward to walking the red carpet laid down exclusively for you. And what can be better if your loved ones walk you down to the aisle? Deciding on the guest list and preparing for their accommodation is an intellectual decision that will require your time. Invitees should be special relatives and friends; don’t fill the gathering with unnecessary crowd. Have beautiful invitation cards printed for them.

Trousseau: It is your day. No one else has the right to look more beautiful and ravishing than you. Book the best boutiques, parlors, and get a royal trousseau designed for you that will leave people turning heads! Online surfing is a must for this. Who wants to escape wedding shopping, anyway?

Venue or destination: How about a destination wedding? Or a beach party? Or something as decent as your own sweet home? Or a farmhouse? Well, venue for your wedding is great factor in deciding how things will go about. This should, ideally, be the first thing to focus on and others will smoothly follow.

Gifting: No, I am not talking about the gifts that the couple will get. Here, the gifting to be focused upon is for the special guests. You don’t want them to be leaving without a souvenir of your wedding, do you? Use online websites for that.

Decors and ambiance: The next beautiful thing after the couple is the decorations and ambiance of the wedding. Make sure you have a gleeful, gorgeous, and eye catching atmosphere designed for your wedding. You can still lose out on any other thing, but decorations are something you just can’t compromise on. Hire an interior designer if necessary.

Music and bands: Music adds a soul to the gathering. People doing nothing, can enjoy the music. Also, what can be better than beautiful songs playing for the couple arousing heartfelt emotions on their special day? You just can’t escape the beauty of music and it will only leave you mesmerized! So make sure you book a good band, or an amazing singer that will create a musical magic for you.

Pre wedding functions: You don’t want to get wedded right way, do you? Enjoying the last moments as a bachelor/bachelorette is a must. Plan on an all girls night out, or a bachelor’s party and live your “being-single” life to the fullest for the last time, (hopefully).

Informing all the readers, this is a tentative to do list, and all the points are not to be followed compulsorily. You will have to keep your budget and priorities in mind first and then decide on! After all, you want your wedding to be fun and not stressful, right?


-Blog content by Esha

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