House-Warming Ceremony

By Content Team on June 29, 2015

A house remains just a building with four walls unless and until filled by warmth, love, and family members, which make it a home. Home is something very close to everyone’s hearts and needless to say, building of a new house is a big event in any family. It is generally followed by a house warming ceremony to celebrate. A house warming ceremony marks the entrance of the family in the house, and definitely has to be a grand event. JBE mentions a few points which you ought to keep in mind while organizing this ceremony.

Time, Date and Venue: while is obviously at the discretion of the family, but it is suggested to organize the ceremony a week after or before you shift. This would leave you with ample time to manage and set things, and would not create a chaos. This ceremony generally takes place during the day time within the auspicious timings and the venue obviously has to be your newly built house, area preferably being the lobby or drawing room.

Invitees: House warming ceremony is basically a family event so only your family members and close relatives should be invited. Also, do send an invitation to your new neighbors. After all, you will be living with them from now onwards! Invitations should be sent well within in advance, so that people are left with time to plan and revert.

Catering: it is a short event extending only up to a few hours; hence elaborate menu is not required. In India, the ceremony generally takes place in the presence of a priest performing holy rituals, followed by a lunch or snacks. Therefore, a variety of two to three dishes for lunch, or snacks could suffice.

After parties: House warming generally does not include music, dance, or other types of entertainment. It is more of an auspicious event. Hence, is the family is craving for some fun, it could go on a lavish dinner, or throw a grand party the same or next day fulfilling the void of music and dance.

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