Bridal Series 2 – Hair & Makeup

By Content Team on May 1, 2017

Everything looks messy and every effort goes down the drain if your face does not look bright and glowing and if your hair is not in proper place. This again, is a very difficult choice as there are a number of hairdos and accessories which often confuse the brides to be. Also, how to get that perfect skin is a worry. JBE presents Part 2 of Indian Bridal Series offering you the best of hair accessories to choose from and the most gorgeous of hairdos. Also, your make up worries are sorted here!


Girls often get confused as to what to do with their hair. When it is such an issue on normal occasions, it definitely a big deal on their big day! Here are some very trendy and popular hairstyles of today which can make you look gorgeous. A classic bridal bun is an all time option which goes extremely well with the Indian traditional look. It can be exemplified with gajras, or other hair accessories. Side buns are another thing which complements your cheeks and eyes.

Glittering Bridal Hairbands:

glittering headband



jhoomar passa


  1. Next, curly hairdos work wonders for girls having naturally short hair, and can look beautiful with some flowery clips or other hair accessories. Traditional braids have been symbolic of Indian tradition, and women flaunting long hair can blindly trust on this one. If you want to stand apart from the rest and try something unique, go for a Spanish hairdo!

Curl Updo:

curly updo


BeeHive Hairstyle:




These hairstyles are not hard to make, your beauticians can do that for you!


5 Hot Make Up Trends:

Neon Colors:

This season go for hot neon colors, like pink, purple, orange, red, and even purple! These can be used either on the lips or on the eyes. However, the smoky look of the eyes is evergreen and is still in trend. While glitter is out, shimmer is in.

MakeUp Essentials:

You might have spent hours and thousands on getting your perfect bridal makeup done, but still weather and some last minute problems can pose as hassles. In this case you must carry your lip color, blush, a blotting paper, and kohl to the venue so as to avoid the problems and look fresh all the time.

MakeUp Treatments:

Get the necessary treatments for your skin like facials, spas, special treatment for acne, pimples and allergies well in advance.


Make Up Tips, for a bride to be!


  1. Wash your face twice a day. Use non foaming washes to hydrate your skin.
  2. Drink lots and lots of water
  3. Moisturize your skin with a good cream or lotion.
  4. Vitamin C and Azelaic Acid are a must in diet to prevent pigmentation and spots.
  5. For dry skin, avocado and sesame oil mixed together can immediately hydrate your skin.
  6. For acne, use besan, neem leaves, and tea tree oil and wash off after 30 minutes. It leaves you fairer, if used twice a week.
  7. For instant energy boost, apply besan, sandalwood powder, ground orange peel, lemon and yogurt mixed together.
  8. Wear your sunscreen and reapply every 4 hours to avoid tanning.
  9. Practice yoga and reduce your stress. This will make your dullness go away.
  10. Fix your diet. Don’t starve and don’t overeat. Consult a dietitian or your doctor if required.

How to get those perfect mehendi hands:

  1. Get your manicure done at least a week before in advance. Apply a nail paint that is very much in trend.
  2. Moisturize your hands. They should not look dry and the mehendi should not chip off. Make them look softer.
  3. Practice finger exercises. This can remove the stiffness caused due to the growing usage of mobiles and laptops.
  4. Get a nail art done. Keep the trends and your skin tone in mind for this.
  5. Ear your wedding ring on the ‘Big Day’. This will make your hands look ravishing.
  6. Make sure you get your hands tested to allergies before application of mehendi.
  7. Book your mehendi artists well before in advance to avoid last minute hassles.
  8. Go through some latest designs for mehendi and you can go for the application of a similar one.
  9. Also, mehendi should be applied two to three days in advance before the wedding day to get the perfect, rich colour.


So, are you ready to make your friends jealous?


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