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By Content Team on June 29, 2015

Bachelor’s party was not an Indian thing until a decade ago. Inspired from the western culture, bachelor parties have become a very important pre-wedding function. To brief the unknowns, bachelor party is basically a get together of the soon-to-be-groom with his close friends, and cousins generally of the same gender. The counterpart of bachelor party is bachelorette party which is again a get together of the soon-to-be-bride with her close girl friends and cousins. The logic behind throwing this party maybe is, to enjoy the last days of your bachelor lives! This party can be enjoyed in different ways. You can simply hold a get together at home with inviting your close friends over for a night out and spending time together. You can go for a road trip, or can plan a more than a day long trip to one of the vacation places.

The most awaited question now, is, what are the best bachelor party places in India?

Well the answer to the question is what follows!

Among the best places in the world for bachelor parties, God, in India, counted among the top ten.

Why Goa?

Goa is one stop destination for party animals, people who like to vacation really wild, people who crave for music, dance, and an amazing nightlife. Goa is termed as the Las Vegas of India, and the parties here are wild! You have all sorts of clubs, bars, restaurants, beaches, and activities that are a perfect package for a boy’s-days-out! Goa is known for its amazing nightlife, beaches, clubs, restaurants and fun, adventure sports which are not to be missed.

Here comes the answer to the next question,

What are the best clubs in Goa?

Since Goa is extremely popular for its party places and pubs, there ought to be something special about the place. Here is a list of the best pubs across Goa:

Café Mojo, Panaji:

You cannot go to Europe? No worries! The Indian counterpart of European clubs is here, in our very own Panaji. Situated on Menezes Braganza road, this pub is worth a hit! The ambiance has wooden furniture with brick walls and classic posters adding to the glamour and it is indeed a big surprise in a small packet! The highlight of this café is its side tables. They have beer taps on them. Yes, taps! You have access to an unlimited beer, and you can have your party in the hangover style!

Cocktails and Dreams

Cocktails and Dreams is located in Calangute, and it is the best that the place has to offer! The ambiance is amazing, embellished with a great dance floor and bar. Well, that’s not all. For the big foodies out there, the menu serves Indian, continental, and oriental cuisines. The music is feet tapping and neon stop, and you can dance to your heart’s content with a neon atmosphere surrounding you.

Down the Road- Riverfront Bistro and Bar

Called as the capital city of Goa, Panaji is the hub of parties. And located in this very hub is this amazing place to spend the boy’s place out. Situated on the river side, what more can you ask for! It has a spacious and feet tapping dance floor, a bar, and a grand seating arrangement. This place is especially famous for its karaoke nights.

Most people think that a bachelor party is all about getting drunk and dancing all night. But it actually has more to it! These days, the soon-to-be groom and his friends look out for fun, adventurous activities to have an extra set of memories to carry with them. You can try Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Paragliding, Yacht Cruise and more..

So go ahead and have the best last bachelor days of your life!

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