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With occasions becoming a part and parcel of our lives, there is an ardent need to make the best of everything. Any event in our lives is a complete package of fun, nostalgia and overwhelming emotions and memories, and you cannot afford to compromise on anything.

Discover exotic venues, mouth-watering catering arrangements, lavish decorations, music, photography and more, in your city!

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Get to know the Real Humans of JBE

  • Who: Vishakha Bhansali
  • From: New Delhi
  • Started: April 2015
  • What Vishakha has been up to: Following too many early mornings, Vishakha left the corporate world behind her to join the exciting world of start ups.
  • Drink: Tea, coffee and beer; but not all at once
  • Food: North Indian and Chinese
Tags: #Real human of JBE
  • Who: Amit
  • From: London
  • Started: Jan 2015
  • What Amit has been up to: Well he is still figuring it out
  • Drink: He is only addicted to the daily dose of 'Cutting Chai'
  • Food: Mexican
Tags: #Real human of JBE
  • Who: Ankita Mutha
  • From: Maharashtra
  • Started: July 2015
  • What Ankita has been up to: Ankita has joined the Business Development Team to make sure the operations are smooth and efficient
  • Drink: Coffee and juices
  • Food: Maharashtrian delicacies and street food
Tags: #Real human of JBE
  • Who: Sonika Sabadra
  • From: Maharashtra
  • Started: August 2015
  • What Ankita has been up to: Sonika has joined the Business Development Team to support new market expansion
  • Drink: Not so much into drinks, she is a core foodie
  • Food: Pani-puri, Pizzas, Noodles!
Tags: #Real human of JBE